Full Control

total control

You are in full control over every aspect of your site

  • Built on Open Source Content Management System
  • Administrative Tools Included*
  • No limits on number of pages
  • Over 10K available add-ons
  • Supported by over 200K developers
  • Virtual Domains 
  • 1000's of available Templates
  • Full Site + Database backup (store locally or through Dropbox)


Every business is different. Your customers are different, your specialties are different. Therefore you should have the ability to fully customize your website to reflect your uniqueness, and you shouldn't have to pay extra to do so.  Some agencies sell only cruises, some have bridal registries, some have agents that write about their travels, some that regularly post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter.

Our Signature web sites allow you to customize everything about your basic or advanced site (this does not apply to the independent consultant option). From the template you choose, to the category structure to the way different articles are formatted, you have full control over your site.

Want to include a sidebar or two or three? Want to run banner ads? Need to have different layouts for different pages? All are possible with just a couple of clicks...you have full control over everything appearing on each and every page of your site. Additionally, you can add as many pages to your site at no additional cost, it doesn't matter how they are formatted or what they contain, you are in full control over every aspect of your web site.

You have full access to your websites administrative tools and can grant limited access to members of your staff (if you choose). This allows you to control just about every aspect of your website, including managing all installed extensions and features. This includes the ability to fully backup all website files and the associated database tables, so that you can store a local copy of your website securely in-house, if you desire.

By building your website on the leading Content Management System (CMS) you are no longer locked in to a proprietary solution, meaning that if at any point in time you feel that Interwave is not servicing your account properly you can transfer it to any other hosting solution that supports this CMS.*  

You are in full control!

* - Restrictions apply on select proprietary extensions and installed extensions using a developers license.

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