Full, Complete Branding

  • All pages resolve with your domain name
  • Customizable template color scheme
  • Multiple options for displaying contact information and logo
  • Full integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to customize Meta data for each page of your site

Our Signature web sites allow you to choose from multiple templates, each with multiple pre-set color schemes. Each template is designed to allow you to fully brand the web site with your logo and contact information. Once the site is live, visitors will only see references to your agency, whether on the pages or in the domain name - the web site is fully branded to your agency and your agency alone!

Other developers, may provide you with data integration but look carefully at the page addresses once you've searched for a cruise or tour. If you see their domain and not yours watch out. Why should you be concerned? Because the content value for all of those offers is being assigned to the developer's site (domain) and not yours. The search engines will view your site as a "gateway" to the developer's site, giving them added value (placement) for the content and reducing the value (placement) of your site.

All pages of your site will use your domain name and only your domain name. 100% of the site branding is yours. You are in full control of all aspects of your web site when its an Interwave Signature web site.

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