Included Extras to Increase Functionality

  • Website platform built on Open Source Content Management System
  • Ability to install and change website template from 1000's of available templates
  • Event Calendar
  • Online Forums
  • Request Form Generator
  • Mobile Devise Support through Responsive Templates (smart phone, tablet or wide-screen)
  • Over 10,000 available add-ons to provide additional functionality for your specific business requirements


Unlike other developers that use proprietary solutions to integrate Signature's data, Interwave has decided to use one of the world's most popular and robust open source CMS (Content Management System)  that currently powers over 35 million websites, as the platform for our sites. Why would we do this? We always are looking out for our clients' best interests. Proprietary solutions lock clients into that solution and only that solution. If you decide to change developers you need to start over from scratch. Using an open source CMS means that you have options, you are not locked in.

If you decide to change developers (and we really hope that you never will) you can backup and restore your site on their server (as long as they support the CMS) in a matter of minutes...you'll never have to start over. In addition there almost 200K developers world wide, producing extra features (known as extensions) for this CMS. Currently there are over 10,200 available extension for our CMS platform...so let your imagination run wild and I'm sure there's an extension out there that will add that functionality to your site. Here are a few examples of extensions that we include in the setup of your Signature web site:

Events Manager and Calendar

If you have vendor presentations, cruise nights, or other events, this extension allows you to present them online in a calendar format. This base version can be extended to allow for online registration and event management.

Discussion Forums

Want to provide your customers to share plans and experiences? Then this extension is for you. It allows you to easily manage multiple discussion forums and provides you with the assurance that only appropriate messages will be posted.

Agent's Blog

Share your experiences and travel tips with your customers through a blog. We provide extensions to include multiple categories and even the ability for customers to comment on your posts.

Banner Ads

Looking to generate additional marketing dollars? What better way than to provide your vendors with the ability to display their banner ads. This extension will even mange the number of impressions and randomize multiple banners. Additionally you will be able to specify exactly when and where an ad is displayed on your site.

Document Management

Want to be able to provide you clients with a secure way of retrieving their travel documents from your site, well there's and extension for that too.

Maps & Weather

There are extensions that allow you to integrate Google Maps and also weather services. There's even an extension that will allow you to display stocks. 

Mobile Devise Accessibility

Today more and more people browse the Internet from their smart phone or tablet. Our Signature web sites come pre-configured with software that automatically detects how someone is viewing your site and then configures the site's layout specifically for that devise. We even have options for Responsive Design (just ask and we'll explain this cutting edge technology and how it can benefit you).

Site Templates

The templates we provide are all compatible with one another allowing you to switch between them to keep your site fresh looking. Additionally our CMS platform allows you to customize the site templates for specific pages on your site. For example, if you have a bridal registry and want to change the color scheme just for that page, you can do that. If you want your Cruise Category to have a "water" background and your Tour Category to have a "rain forest" background, you can do that. And the best part, you never have to start over from scratch.


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