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Tools to Help You Manage Your Web Site

  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor with Microsoft Word-like interface
  • Search Optimization Tools (SEO) pre-installed
  • Integrated Google Analytics 
  • Drag & Drop Request Forum Generator
  • Full Site (and Database) Backup
  • Responsive Website Template Options


Our Signature web sites are packed full of extras that provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you with all aspects of site management and online marketing in a easy to use format. Listed here are several of the tools that come included:

Integrated WYSIWYG Editor:

If you are familiar with any word processing software (like Microsoft's Word) then using our integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor will be a snap!  This editor comes complete with an Advanced Image manager, that allows you to upload and edit images on the fly, a File Manager for uploading PDFs and other attachments for download, a Link manager that allows you to quickly and easily link to pages within your site or third-party pages with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Plus all of the standard word processing features like alignment, bullet lists, and yes even a spell checker.

WYSIWYG Editor features

Integrated Google Analytics Reports

Your Signature web site will be configured to integrate Google's Analytics reports so you can view your site traffic and manage your online promotions.

Integrated Google Analytic Reports

SEO Management Tools

If your web site is going to be successful it needs to be optimized for Search Engine results. Our Signature web sites come complete with a full suite of SEO tools. This extra automatically generates SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs, and helps you manage the Title and meta tag information. 

SEO Management Tools

Drag & Drop Forms Creator/Manager

Custom coding of request forms is a thing of the past with out Drag & Drop Form Creator. Simply select the fields you want included, add the labels and specify if they are required or not, then select how your want the data output: email (multiple emails can be generated), thank you page, and even writing to a data table that can be downloaded in an Excel compatible format. Now when that customer requests a custom group registration form, in a couple of minutes you can easily create and publish it for them and for those complex forms Interwave is there to help!

Drag & Drop Form Creator

Site Backup Manager

One of the most important extras that we provide as part of your Signature web site is a full site backup manager. This manager not only backs up your files it also backs up the site's SQL database. We recommend that anytime you update the site that you back it up before you make your edits. If anything goes wrong, we can have your site back online in a matter of minutes. We also recommend that you download the backup file after major updates so that you have a full and complete copy of your website locally (just in case).

Web site backup


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