total control

You are in full control over every aspect of your site

  • Built on Open Source Content Management System
  • Administrative Tools Included*
  • No limits on number of pages
  • Over 10K available add-ons
  • Supported by over 200K developers
  • Virtual Domains 
  • 1000's of available Templates
  • Full Site + Database backup (store locally or through Dropbox)
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Full, Complete Branding

  • All pages resolve with your domain name
  • Customizable template color scheme
  • Multiple options for displaying contact information and logo
  • Full integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to customize Meta data for each page of your site
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total integration

Why you should care about data integration

  • Complete control over your website empty spaces or dual scroll bars
  • Foster sense of trust with website visitors (no third-party in-line frames or pop-up windows)
  • Optimal for Search result placement...your site is viewed as authoring site instead of in-line framed third-party site.
  • Ability to track conversion rates for specific offers.
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custom menus

Tools to Help You Manage Your Web Site

  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor with Microsoft Word-like interface
  • Search Optimization Tools (SEO) pre-installed
  • Integrated Google Analytics 
  • Drag & Drop Request Forum Generator
  • Full Site (and Database) Backup
  • Responsive Website Template Options


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Included Extras to Increase Functionality

  • Website platform built on Open Source Content Management System
  • Ability to install and change website template from 1000's of available templates
  • Event Calendar
  • Online Forums
  • Request Form Generator
  • Mobile Devise Support through Responsive Templates (smart phone, tablet or wide-screen)
  • Over 10,000 available add-ons to provide additional functionality for your specific business requirements
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Three exceptional plans.

  • Advanced Design Plan is designed for all businesses that required integrated data, are actively engaged in Search and Social marketing and require an online presence that can adapt to all of their business endevors. This plan provides all the critical features and functionality needed to compete at every level.

  • Basic Design Plan is the logical plan for small to midsized agencies that want to include valuable information for their customers and have the option to customize functionality to fit their business needs, but are not actively using Search Engines or Social Networks to market their business. This plan is also easily upgradable and is flexible enough to adapt to any requirements your business might have.

  • Independent Contractor Plan is an affordable, pre-configured option that allows for minimal customization while providing the basic foundation that allows you to easily upgrade as your business grows and your needs evolve.
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Website Options For All Signature Members

Advanced design
Agency websites
Basic Design
agency websites

Designed for Any Travel Company that is activily marketing their online presence through Search, Social and other channels:

  • Search Optimized Website with expanded pre-configured pages
  • Includes integrated Signature Data Feed
  • All integrated Signature Data displayed under your domain name
  • All Signature Microsites pre-configured
  • Social Network Integrated
  • Mobile Ready Templates
  • Full access to all administrative tools
  • Integrate Independent Contractor sites
  • Loaded with extra functionality

Designed for Travel Companies that are looking to integrate Signature Content but are not actively marketing online:

  • Basic Website with expanded pre-configured pages
  • Includes all available Signature Content displayed using inline frames and popup windows
  • Social Network Integrated
  • Mobile Ready Templates
  • Full access to all administrative tools
  • Loaded with extra functionality
  • Upgradeable

Designed for Independent Contractors or Home Based Agencies:

  • Basic Website with pre-configured pages
  • Includes all available Signature Content displayed using inline frames and popup windows
  • Social Network Integration
  • Mobile Ready Templates
  • Included contact and request form
  • Upgradeable

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Content Management

Advantages for using a Content Management System.

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Mobile Ready!

Your site will automatically adapt to each devise used to view it.

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Integrated Content

Marketing advantages of integrating Signature content.

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