Mobile Ready

Take advantage of the latest website programming technology to make your new website MOBILE READY! With more and more people browsing the internet on their smart phones and tablets, you need a site that will automatically adapt to whatever devise is viewing it. This technology is called Responsive Design. While atomatically adjusting your website content and layout for different devises, Responsive Design allows you to consolidate your brand to one site, your site, no diluted search results, no additional maintenance, no additional cost. 


So what are the Advantages of Responsive Design

  • The current trend for Internet browsing is to use a mobile devise (smart-phone or tablet). of the ~6.8 billion people in the world, 5.1 billion of them now own a smart-phone or tablet.

  • 28% of all Internet browsing comes from a mobile phone or tablet, and is projected to overtake desktop usage sometime in 2014.

  • 50% of all local searches are preformed on mobile devises.

  • 62% of businesses that have already designed a website specifically for mobile viewing have seen increased sales.

  • Responsive Design consolidates your content providing  a unique URL for each page, which is perfect for promotional campaigns, focused search results and minimizing website maintenance.

Take a look at your site analytics data and if 10% of your site visitors are using either a smart-phone or tablet, then we recommend that you strongly consider Responsive Design.