total integration

Why you should care about data integration

  • Complete control over your website empty spaces or dual scroll bars
  • Foster sense of trust with website visitors (no third-party in-line frames or pop-up windows)
  • Optimal for Search result placement...your site is viewed as authoring site instead of in-line framed third-party site.
  • Ability to track conversion rates for specific offers.

Having a web site has become one of these most valuable and affordable ways in which to market your business. Using third-party content like the Signature pages without data integration negates any development savings you might have realized. In order for your web site to be effective it needs to be found. Using frames to incorporate third-party content, contributes to reducing this ability, while data integration contributes to increasing it.

There are several advantages for data integration over linking, frames or even in-line frames, the top two being:

  1. Complete control over the look and feel of the data being presented. 
    No longer do you have to worry about matching fonts or only using a white background color to match the Signature pages. No longer do you have to worry about dual vertical scroll bars or trying to wedge the Signature pages into your site template. Data integration means that all of the Signature content is fed directly into your site (and updated nightly) and formatted using the same styles as the rest of your site. Signature content is now as much a part of your site as the custom content that you produce yourself.

  2. Search value remains with your web site.
    When you use frames or in-line frames to embed the Signature content, the search engines see the source of the content as coming from and not from your web site. You web site is viewed as a "gateway" site for What does this mean? It means that the search engines, in order not to have redundant results, place the value on the pages and penalize your site making it much more difficult for your site to archive top search placement.


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